Katherine House FCJ Salford

A Christian Conference and Retreat Centre

Companions for the Journey 

An Introduction to Spiritual Companionship

An experiential course in discerning listening

January – July 2018 | Fortnightly Thursdays, 10am-4pm plus retreat. 

This course is run by the Diocese of Manchester and hosted at Katherine House 

For the development of awareness, gifts and insights for the ministry of listening to others and of Spiritual Companionship.


This course is especially suitable for those who enjoyed our Pathways to Prayer and Stepping Stones to God courses but you don't have to have done those to do the course. 

The course consists of 12 one-day sessions, plus a four-day Individually Guided Retreat.

The sessions include:

  • A time of personal prayer and reflection in which different approaches to prayer are experienced
  • A time of listening and sharing in small groups, to enable appreciation of listening and of the value of sharing our spiritual experiences
  • A time of reflection in tutor-groups on the growth points being experienced and what we are learning from this about the art of Spiritual Companionship
  • An exploration of the background to Spiritual Companionship and of the issues involved in Spiritual Companionship be they biblical, practical, historical or theological

  • You are expected to have your own Spiritual Companion and to provide a recommendation from your Spiritual Companion and/or church leader
  • Because of the nature of the course, participants are expected to commit themselves to all sessions, as far as possible
  • The fee for the whole course is £400, which covers all costs for the 12 sessions, all course materials, and accommodation and meals on retreat. Financial help may be available